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BIKUBEN – “The Beehive” is a user-controlled center which is a resource base for experience, expertise and training in Nordland, Troms and Finnmark

“The Beehive” develops and works out courses and training in public health - mental health.

Target group and interaction partners are users, relatives, organizations, educational institutions, municipalities and services in general.

“The Beehive” is an offer for all in the North of Norway, which by the user resources contributes to build up the quality of life and happiness with responsibility for their own health and their own learning.

Courses and training packages based on experience knowledge in interaction with professional expertise and can be adapted for each target groups

The quality of the accomplishment is secured by user participation and collaboration
in a very big network. This means that users and their families are involved in the planning,
model, implementation and evaluation of activities.

“The Beehives” natural content and goals include good user interaction at the individual-system and political-(community level).

Our keys:
Experience Expertise
User interaction

“The Beehives” resource base is owned by the regional organization Mental Health, LPP – “The nationwide organization for relatives in mental health” and ADHD Norway.

A “breeding place” for sense and life enjoyment in the Northern Norway

From the base located in Borkenes in Troms provide the training out in about 90 municipalities in Northern Norway. “The Beehive” regional function is organized so also smaller municipalities can take advantage of the offer. 

The public services, communities and educational institutions have requested “The Beehive” services. It can be training of staff, students, user representatives, participation in project teams and much more. 

Users, relatives, staff services and others are invited to contact “The Beehive” and tell us about issues they wish to work out and put on the agenda 

If you would like to lecture on current topics, please contact us for further arrangement.

We also want to connect with more experience communicators - people who want to contribute with their experiences 

Users and their relatives who voluntarily wish to contribute to the general work of “The Beehive” are welcome.

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Tlf: +47 770 93 110  -  E-post: post@bikuben.net
Besøksadresse: Bygdeveien 18, 9475 Borkenes
Postadresse: Postboks 34. 9476 Borkenes
Org nr 996664589


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